Sensory and communication needs.

Everyone wants to communicate, to be understood, to be heard. Care UK is committed to genuine two-way communication. People communicate in different ways, whether through signing, gestures, behaviour, vocalisation, symbols or objects. We all have the right to be heard and understood.

Everyone has the right to information, without it we cannot make decisions about our lives. However, information is only truly accessible when it is person centred and the message has meaning for the recipient.

As a service user led provider, people's communication needs are important to us. At Care UK we want to ensure that all service users can access information in a way that is meaningful to them and have the opportunity to respond and influence; putting them in control of their decisions.

That is why many of our staff are trained in alternative communications methods and we provide some consultation and policy documents in accessible formats.

At Care UK we use a variety of innovative ways to support people with a learning disability to overcome communication barriers.

  • We are part of the Widgit Communications Network, enabling people to understand words of using symbols and pictures.
  • We have nine centres across Care UK providing computer equipment, cameras and communication resources to all our service users.
  • We work together with speech and language therapists to develop personalised inclusive communication environments.
  • We support people to develop their communication passports.
  • We are trained to listen and communicate effectively with the people we support, enable people to make decisions about their daily lives.
  • We have adopted the Information for All as our good practice standards in making information accessible to all.

For further information on supporting people with communication needs please contact us.


We are part of the Widgit Communictaion Centres. Widgit Software enables symbols to be put along text. making words and information accessible.


Using pictures and photos so people know who is supporting them today.