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Service Manager:
Tina Edwards

We provide person centred support which helps people learn to live with much greater independence.

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to develop the skills they need to live life in the way they wish. At Stafford Road, we provide support and accommodation for people with learning disabilities and complex needs.

The home, which has recently been refurbished, offers comfortable, spacious accommodation and has been designed to meet the specific needs of individuals. Features such as purpose built low level food preparation areas, a walk in shower and adapted bath make the home accessible for people with mobility issues. We also have a pleasant, secure garden and patio area which is a perfect place to get some air.

Led by the home manager, we have a team of highly trained, dedicated and friendly support workers who are available 24 hours a day to provide support which helps people achieve the best quality of life. We work closely with relatives and families or advocates to develop individualised care plans which take account of people’s specific needs and challenges, and helps them work towards attainable life goals.

Key to achieving this is an emphasis on activity and developing a daily routine which encourages greater levels of independence. While some might prefer a structured approach which offers the security of a predictable routine, others might wish for a varied programme of sports and activities. With each person we develop activities which help build on daily skills such as shopping, personal hygiene or menu planning. Our aim is to help people work towards an independent life in the community regardless of any disabilities or difficulties.

If you have any questions, or would like to enquire about our service, please contact us now. Our team will be happy to help.

Meet the manager

Tina Edwards became manager of Stafford Road in 2004. She explains why she believes getting people out into the community really helps improve their quality of life.

From my youngest days at school I always wanted to move into care, but I initially took the route of a typing course on leaving university. However, the turning point came when I had my son and began working in care. It was a major revelation – I took a course and started working my way up through the ranks until I arrived here at Stafford Road in 2004.

We have people who have many different types of mobility issues so our team needs a wide range of skills sets in order to help people out. I believe the key to helping residents here is to keep them active and mobile as possible, as by doing so it helps people to stay much more independent. I use little things, like encouraging people to put cutlery away or to do their own shoelaces.

Little steps like that help to give people the confidence they need to go on and really broaden their own horizons. For example, we have one resident who was, until quite recently the kind of person who preferred to stay at home. We started to broaden her horizons by going on outings for the day and eventually became more adventurous. Last year she went to Disney Land in Paris. She travelled with two helpers, on Eurostar, upgraded to first class and stayed in the Disney Hotel there. It was a great trip she got to meet all the characters in the mornings – and several were really crushed with big huge hugs. She had a fantastic time and is already looking forward to going back.


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